Our Team

As general contractors and developers in the construction business, we have a proven track record of effective execution. We take pleasure in having a good relationship with our clients and suppliers, as well as a devoted and extraordinary construction workforce that is dedicated to constant improvement. JACITA Construction Limited is comprised of a competent, highly skilled, and knowledgeable workforce in the housing market
Our team has completed projects of various sizes in building construction, interior design, and other areas that have garnered widespread praise. We collaborate with the brightest brains in the industry, which provides us with the necessary depth and indigenous ‘on-the-ground experience to constantly be on top of our game. Our clients provide us with one of our greatest sources of satisfaction. We give our clients the best, ensuring that our work creates a lasting impact at all times, as evidenced by our motto “Because We Value You.”

.The expected values within our organization are Sustainable business practices, including corporate social responsibility (social, economic and environmental), responsible governance, and equal opportunity.

JACITA Blocks Factory pride itself in having a strong bond with our clients and suppliers, a dedicated and exceptional factory crew with a commitment to continuous improvement. JACITA Blocks Factory includes a professional, highly skilled, and experienced team with extensive knowledge in the concrete block industry.
Our team has completed projects of various sizes in concrete block productions, which has gained the respect and warm approval of many. We work with the most intelligent minds; giving us the depth and indigenous ‘on the ground’ experience, we always come up on top of our game. One of our greatest satisfaction is gained from our clients. We deliver the best to our clients ensuring that our work leaves a lasting impression always.

Our Vision

JACITA Blocks Factory’s mission is to become a leader in the building construction industry by being innovative real estate developers, construction experts, and successful dealers of affordable, middle-income housing and luxurious homes. With the added advantage of our experience, resources, and relationships, we will separate ourselves from the competition.

Our vision is to provide exceptional construction services and quality affordable housing using different building systems, creative construction methods, and materials. With these in mind, we aim to deliver to the marketplace, a product, and services valued in a reasonably short period