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‘Because We Value You’

Jacita Constructions is a wholly-owned Ghanian family-oriented, honest, and genuine firm. Jacita constructions is an Ashanti region-based company with its head office at Kwaso Pease Road in the Ejisu municipality. We work hand in hand with customers to manage a checklist of projects milestones that ensures every project is completed exactly on schedule and within budget. Our promise is to successfully communicate with our clients to make them part of every project we undertake.


To grow our business by continuously meeting customer expectations and legal requirements, including improving customer satisfaction through the efficient use of our processes for continuous improvement. Our vision is to become the most trusted business in the construction sector of Ghana’s economy by providing services at the maximum and proper environmental, health and safety, and quality level to gain customer satisfaction.


Jaita Constructions Limited has a deep amount of respect for our customers, our partners, and the laws and policies by which our business is managed. Our core values are :


Every circumstance is approached with positive intentions. We are open to fresh and contradictory ideas. We listen, collaborate, and share across our company. Jacita Constructions Limited makes every effort to learn from everyone we meet. Our company encourages a trusting environment by acting and communicating in a true and transparent manner.


In all of our undertakings, we are ethical, honest, and professional. We maintain our promises and develop trust by being honest in all of our activities and discussions.


At Jacita Constructions Limited, we work respectfully and effectively within-group and each team member strives to do their share. Our character strengths are communication, self-control, and humility. These strengths support our ability to work as a team. At Jacita Construction Limited, employees are partners hence it is more than getting along with each other. We put a group’s needs above our own.


Through competence, creativity, and teamwork, strive to exceed consumers’ demands and expectations. Investigate policy and product opportunities ahead of time to better serve our customers. Make an effort to “get it right the first time.” Risk should be considered, understood, and managed.


Jacita Constructions Limited accepts responsibility for our actions, risks, and outcomes. We make informed decisions based on our knowledge and judgment. We, therefore, set clear expectations for ourselves and others. Jacita Constructions Limited always looks for answers that can help us and our customers achieve our goals.